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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Zoe and Beans Board Books - Hello Ladybird! and We're Not Scared

We LOVE, Love, Love Zoe and Beans books in the Mellow Household.  In fact, I think I average 6 times a week at bedtime in the presence of Zoe and Beans.  These days the Zoe and Beans books by Chloe and Mick Inkpen have lots of familiar faces (not just Zoe and Beans the dog) who have come together for the new board book, We're Not Scared.

We're Not Scared features the neighbour, Oscar (who makes Lara and Holly giggle every time I read his name) and Oscar's little sister Evie.  On each page, the children show an activity which demonstrates that they are not scared of thing such as spiders, swimming, going fast... or even bedtimes.

This little board book has some beautiful illustrations and I have already used it to try and remind Lara that she isn't really scared of the dark at bedtimes.  The text isn't so much of a story as the other Zoe and Beans books that we have read - it is a bit more like a poem where each page is a statement.

Another new Zoe and Beans board book is Hello Ladybird! and this, despite being a board book for small hands, is a full Zoe and Beans story, much more like the other stories that we have read in the series.  Holly ABSOLUTELY loves this book and will sit and read it to herself in her own little toddler jibberish.

Hello Ladybird is such a simple tale with simple, beautiful illustrations using the red, black and white theme (like Zoe's iconic dress).  Zoe and Beans find a ladybird but it soon disappears and they can't find it. After an eventful search they find it again and say "Hello Ladybird" which puts a smile on Holly's face when I read it to her.  Holly attempts to say this too.

I'm so glad that there are Zoe and Beans board books that I can let Holly loose on without fear of pages being torn in what I know will become family favourites.

You can find out more about Zoe and Beans on the fun website and at

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