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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Red Candy Children's Wall Stickers

Since I first discovered Red Candy's range of amazing children's wall stickers, I've really wanted to try them out.  Red Candy contacted us at an opportune moment - Lara's room is looking a bit worse for wear at present but I'm loathe to completely redecorate it right now as I don't think Lara has quite grown out of her pink fairy princess stage yet.  Wall stickers seemed like a great way to breathe a bit of life into Lara's room without a total redesign.

We (OK, Lara) chose this Fairy Wall Sticker in a deep pink colour to contrast with the flowery pink of her bedroom walls.  The sticker is one of the smallest that Red Candy offer and costs just £23.  This fairy wall sticker is available in lots of different colours including green, orange and silver - certainly not just pink!

When the sticker arrived it was rolled up in a cardboard tube to protect it (there were staples at the top which I had to remove carefully to avoid damaging the sticker).  The sticker is made by the Spin collective and there are lots of designs from their range on the Red Candy website and they are ALL stunning.  From rainbows to robots. Height charts, slogans and glow-in-the-dark specials. I could decorate an entire house with them!

To put the sticker on Lara's wall was pretty straightfoward.  We quickly cleaned the wall first to make sure it wasn't gunky (it's a good job we did because the wall WAS gunky!). The sticker came with a little plastic squeegee; to start, we had to run the squeegee over the sticker to loosen it from its backing before peeling off the backing paper.  Lara and I carefully placed the sticker onto the wall and she used the tool to press out all of the bubbles from the centre, outwards.

We had to leave the sticker for 10 minutes to get a good grip on the wall before we could remove the plastic cover.  Because the fairy design was very intricate this was a little tricky in the finer details where I had to press the sticker back carefully to the wall but it still wasn't that hard.  In fact, the whole process took less than 15 minutes and I'm really impressed with the result.

Lara is over the moon with her new bedroom wall and her little sister seemed to like it too!  It is such a small change to her room but somehow makes it feel fresh and new.  This should see us through until the two girls are old enough that we decide to move them into a bedroom together. And, should Lara suddenly decide that she is no longer into princesses and fairies, we can simply peel the sticker off.  Genius.
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