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Thursday 6 March 2014

Me and My Mummy - Mother's Day Book Carry Case Review

Me and My Mummy is a fun little carry case for young children (and their mummy's) this mother's day which this year takes place on the 31st of March. The Me and My Mummy carry pack by Little Tiger Press features 4 compact story books with a special mummy theme as well as a mothers day card to decorate and a set of themed stickers to personalise the card.

My two girls quickly got to work on the card (although I have been told that I'm not allowed to look at it and Lara has hidden it away in her room). The mothers day card has text pre-printed inside and all your child needs to do is to write their name and, should they want to, colour it in. There is a whole sheet of stickers that they can adorn it with and it also comes with an envelope.

The four books inside the carry pack are short paperback books with large coloured illustrations. The Most Precious Thing, Little Bear's Special Wish, My Mummy and Me and Big Bear, Little Bear. Each book has been re-printed especially for the carry pack in a small square format.

The Most Precious Thing is about a little bear who goes exploring with her mummy and every new experience seems to be the most precious thing ever... or is it?

Little Bear's Special Wish is about one bear's search for a really special gift for his mummy's birthday.

My Mummy and Me is a very simple book that my 4 year old was able to read to me.  It is a really tender tale of a little mouse who wants his mummy to know how much he loves her.

Big Bear Little Bear tells the story of a tiny polar bear who wants to be just like his mummy when he grows up.

The four stories in this Me and My Mummy carry pack make lovely bedtime stories for both my 1 year old and my 4 year old. I think the carry pack would be a good idea for taking with them when they stay overnight at their Grandparent's houses. This special carry pack costs £9.99.

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