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Sunday 5 October 2014

House of Fraser - Getting Ready for Autumn

I love Lara's school. I love the fact that every day features another outdoor learning opportunity and they make so much of their beautiful school grounds.  So far this term Lara has picked apples of a whole host of different varieties, picked plums for plum pie, collected sunflower seeds, dug a vegetable patch for the younger children and drawn pictures on the playground.  With such a large part of their week spent outside, Lara always needs to be kitted out with plenty of outdoor clothing and, as a non-uniform school, that leaves us with a fair few options when it comes to autumn and winter clothes.

House of Fraser asked Lara to choose something from their range of autumn kids clothing to really celebrate getting outdoors this autumn.  Even at the weekends we have been going on our own autumnal adventures - Cliveden National Trust property near Taplow is a fabulous place for walking through the woods and kicking leaves, as is The Vyne in Hampshire.

The Vyne

Ever since our summer holiday in the Yorkshire dales, we've promised ourselves that we will get outside for more family adventures whatever the weather.  On holiday both of our girls started the week struggling with walking but by the end of the week Lara was walking 12km in a day!  We walked come rain, sun or high winds so we know that a little autumny drizzle won't stop us.  We've even invested in a new book called "Kiddiwalks in Berkshire" to help inspire our autumn explorations - The Kiddiwalks range of books features 1-4 mile walks designed specifically with preschooolers in mind.

Lara's autumnal adventure outfit is TOTALLY Lara - pink, but not too girly.  This Benetton girls padded jacket is really warm and shower proof and will keep the wind out perfectly.  We have paired it with a brand new pair of Polarn O. Pyret cotton leggings - the fact that House of Fraser stocks P.O.P. clothing makes me smile; I can't think of any other kids clothing brand in existence that makes cotton clothing of this quality and robustness and if Lara would just stop growing quite so quickly, their leggings REALLY last well, despite muddy walks, crazy playgrounds and mucky crafts.

If you are looking for family-friendly ideas of adventurous days out this autumn then I highly recommend the National Trust 50 Things to do before you're 11 and 3/4 which is our regular inspiration for outdoor fun.
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