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Wednesday 8 October 2014

Regatta Walk to School #itsmyadventure

How many of you walk to school with your children? For the Mellow family, until this past month, walking to school just didn't seem practical but Regatta challenged us to walk to school and try out their downloadable Walk to School Adventure Guide.  So we did!

As a working family, our school runs are somewhat rushed, especially because we also have a nursery run too.  On most days we park a short walk from the school and walk the last way to drop Lara off.  But this term Lara's school have incentivised the walk to school by using the Living Streets Walk to School reward chart, for which your child can earn pin-on badges if they walk to school at least once a week.  Lara was totally drawn in by the need for badge-bling and begged us to walk to school.

Lara now walks to school a couple of days a week with the school 'walking bus' which meets about half a mile from the school.  But we wanted to take the challenge from Regatta a little further; it has required a bit of shuffling of working arrangements to make a regular walk to school happen but now Lara and Daddy are taking the full 40 minute walk, whatever the weather, at least once a week.  Today was the first day of term that Lara and Daddy really needed to lift out all of their waterproof and windproof gear from Regatta.

Regatta, the outdoor clothing specialists, challenged us to make the walk to school into more of an adventure, something that Lara would want to get involved in more frequently.  We downloaded their PDF activity guide for some inspiration of ideas of how to get her to want to take the 40 minute walk to school.

Ideas in the activity guide include :-

  • Banning walking altogether!!! (and instead allowing hopping, skipping and jumping)
  • Trying not to step on cracks
  • Puddle jumping
  • Pet spotting
  • and counting... this is Lara's favourite.
On this morning's walk to school, Lara and Daddy were in a bit of a hurry but it didn't stop them counting animals.  On their trip they saw cats, horses, squirrels and dogs.

Our walk to school adventure takes us over a stream, along the side of a few fields and through woody areas, as well as along a busy road.  There are lots of things to look out for in terms of nature spotting, especially with the wet, autumnal leaves and seeds that are in abundance.

With waterproof trousers, fleece gloves and hat, a windproof jacket and a pair of proper walking boots from Regatta, Lara is prepared for anything on her morning travels with Daddy.  In fact, one day soon I think they will even be adventurous enough to take the cross-country woodland and fields route to school one morning.

If, like I used to, you think that the walk to school is too much of a challenge, take a look at the Regatta guide and see if there is anything you can work into your regular school run.  The time, the distance and the weather have all been ruled out as excuses for us now!!! Lara is really enjoying her walks and it definitely has brought a bit of excitement to our school runs.
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