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Sunday 12 October 2014

Mellow Mummy in the Kitchen - Pinny Girls

My girls, Holly and Lara, get a lot of treats for in the kitchen - their own cookery sets and personalised aprons.  So, it makes a wonderful change for me to get a little treat of my own for use in the kitchen - a glamourous pinny from a new brand, Pinny Girls.

Inside this trendy little gift box is not a luxury item of underwear... oh no... it is a beautiful apron for me to wear when I'm cooking with the girls, or pottering around the house (I would say cleaning... but I'm not that much of a fan of cleaning!).  From the very moment you open the box you simply know that this is going to be so much more than just an "apron".

The Pinny Girls brand is built around fashion and style.  The shapes of the 6 initial designs all have a vaguely retro look to them but some of the colours and designs are a very modern; there is a style to suit most tastes.

My Pinny Girls pinny and matching oven glove are part of the "Love is all you knead" design.  I love the flowy lines and frills but underneath the clever styling is actually a very practical pinny.  As a tall woman I'm really happy at the level of coverage (something that is very important when you cook with two just chaotic sous chefs as Holly and Lara) especially around my legs.  The pinny is a very luxurious, thick 100% cotton and so can withstand a pretty serious wash to get rid of any kitchen stains.

This weekend the girls and I cooked spooky cheesy green feet together; the bright lime green pinny and gloves matched perfectly!  I LOVE these oven gloves.  Why do good oven gloves have to be so dull?  They don't.  Thick, soft and yet groovy too - that little line of frill makes a big difference.

Pinny Girls london can be found in a number of UK retail stores but they are also available for UK and international delivery from their website -  Pinnys cost around £24.99 and oven gloves £17.99.
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