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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Start-Rite - Our Shoe Summary

The first half term of the new school year has come to an end and Lara's new school shoes are still going strong.  At the start of term, Start-Rite asked us to put a pair of their school shoes to the Lara-test. As part of a group of Start-Rite mummy bloggers, I've been sharing my experiences with Start-Rite and their online community (you can view our shoe profile here), the results of which are in the video below.

Lara was hesitant to try a new pair of shoes at the start of term, partly because she had been suffering a bit with her old school shoes which were a similar style and she had got herself worked up that any shoe with a velcro-style band across them was going to be painful.  She did eventually pluck up courage to try the Start-Rite shoes and was obviously surprised to find that they were incredibly comfy!

Lara's school is a very outdoorsy school so her shoes have been through all sorts of tests from digging to climbing.  From skipping to fungus-hunting.  By the end of the half term, Lara has become so attached to her school shoes that she insists on wearing them when she isn't going to school, or on Friday's when we relax our own rules on what she has to wear to school.  I guess she finds them to be her most comfortable shoes now - casual or otherwise.

week one

week seven

Lara's Start-Rite school shoes are looking a bit grubby (I cleaned them once, it didn't seem like a good investment of my time!) and a bit scuffed at the end  but I'd expect them to last well into the new year and beyond.  You can find out more about fitted shoes and foot measuring from Start-rite on facebook and twitter.

If, like Lara, your daughter is in to all things Princess then she may also enjoy the Princess Serena Charm Quest app which accompanies these shoes - point your Android or iOS app at the shoe box to unlock the fun.
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