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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Start-Rite Shoes - a School Shoe Update!

4 weeks into term and I thought I would update you on how Lara's Start-Rite Shoes are coming on.

Firstly, as suspected, Lara refused to wear her shoes for the whole of the first week of term.  This is not unusual for Lara who is VERY fussy when it comes to shoes, clothes and underwear!  I think Lara was a bit wary of the squishy heart under her sole as she had never felt anything like it but after convincing her to try the shoes one morning on the walk to school, she realised that it was actually incredibly comfortable and was an instant convert!

So, the school shoes have been worn every day for three school weeks. There has been hopscotch, skipping and a new found passion for walking to school with Daddy.  Lara loves these shoes now.

Week one
Week two
Week three

The shoes are coping well.  There is a bit of wear on the very tips of the toes which makes me think I may need to polish them some time soon (not something I'm in the habit of!!!).  We have also already had a shoe casualty with one of the little shoe charms having sheered off; Lara saved the charm in her book bag but it wasn't recoverable so I'm going to have to find her another charm to clip into the side of that shoe.  There are a couple of loose threads but the shoe structure is sound and the shoes still look smart, with no unsightly creases in the leather.

You can find out more about fitted shoes and foot measuring from Start-rite on facebook and twitter.
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