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Thursday 2 October 2014

Kid Zinger - Juice Water Maker Review

The Kid Zinger is a clever little drinking bottle that helps your children make their own flavoured water.  I've noticed a lot of the kids in Lara's class take a bottle of water or fruit squash to school with them and I think the Kid Zinger would make a perfect school flask as well.

The Kid Zinger is a combined water bottle and citrus press.  Put your favourite citrus fruit into the base, give it a little squeeze and then leave to infuse.  You can leave it in the fridge for as long as you like to take on the flavours.  You're not limited to citrus fruits though, the base at the bottom has a course filter so you could put lots of different fruits, vegetables, spices or herbs into the base so that they can infuse into the water.

I think the Kid Zinger is a great idea for helping us to reduce the amount of fruit juice and squash that my two girls drink while keeping them interested in water.

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