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Monday 16 March 2015

Childs Farm Hand Wash for Mucky Mitts

Holly is a total monkey when it comes to washing her hands.  Quite apart from the "incident" with the downstairs tap last April (which means I don't trust her to wash her hands unattended in our house), Holly has a tendency to rush things and always wants to be moving on.  We've been trying to teach Holly some good hand-washing skills using some tips, and some gorgeous-smelling hand wash from Childs Farm.

I am sure that this rushing of hand-washing contributes to her sore hands; in recent weeks Holly's dry skin has been really bad on her tummy, face and hands.  I put it down to the cold, yet sunny weather which tempts Holly outside.  Wet hands, other than being a tempting hiding place for germs, are also a recipe for sore hands if you are playing outside in the cold.

Childs Farm children's cosmetics and bath products are specially designed for children with sensitive skin, including eczema.  The Childs Farm Hand Wash for Mucky Mitts is a gentle, natural moisturising hand wash that cleans and cars for little hands.  The instructions recommend three pumps of soap when washing hands but we found the soap to offer great coverage and with much more than one pump on our hands, it took a very long time to wash off.

But perhaps time is exactly what we need to encourage Holly to wash her hands properly.

According to the World Health Organisation, washing your hands should take about 15 seconds: the time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ or 'Humpty Dumpty'.

1. Wet hands with warm water

2. Apply a natural antibacterial hand wash, such as Childs Farm Hand Wash for Mucky Mitts to cover palms (3-4 pumps)

3. Rub hands palm to palm

4. Put one hand on top of another and interlace fingers, then reverse

5. Put hands palm to palm, wriggle fingers together and make bubbles

6. Rub the back of your fingers with the palm of the opposite hand & reverse

7. Grab hold of each thumb and rub up and down & reverse

8. Make a fist and rub into the opposite palm and reverse

9. Thoroughly rinse all the soap off your hands with warm water

10. Dry completely with a towel. FACT: damp hands spread more germs than dry!

Holly's hands seem a lot better this weekend now that we have given her skin a bit of TLC.  Now we just have the problem of nursery where the soap seems a bit more harsh (Lara used to suffer too).  The thing we love most about the Childs Farm Hand Wash for Mucky Mitts is the scent - it is a really refreshing grapefruit and tea tree scent made with natural oils.  Scrumptious.

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