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Friday 20 March 2015

Frozen Elsa's Magic Snow Sleeve Review - This is great fun!

If you have a little one who wants be be Elsa when they grow up, then trust me, they are going to "need" this new Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve from Flair.  Just when you thought a beautiful Elsa snowflake-adorned outfit was going to turn your little one into their dream princess, along comes a little piece of genius which can make them feel even more like the real deal - with the Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve they can shoot snow and ice at all and sundry as they 'Let it Go'.

Lara's beautiful Frozen Elsa outfit is from Rubies; it comes with a detachable snowflake cape.  To really finish off the outfit, Lara is wearing the Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve which comes as a blue fabric sleeve and a plastic armband which, with one clever movement, can shoot out "snow" or water.  This two-in-one snow sleeve has brought plenty of giggles both indoors and outdoors for my two massive Frozen fans.

The Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve costs around £30.  It comes with one can of magic "snow" (aka silly string) and a refillable bottle into which you can put water.  You place the can or bottle into the plastic armband, strap it onto the sleeve and you're ready to go.

It took Lara a little while to get the hang of the hand motion required to trigger the snow/water and we found she had to position the armband quite precisely on her arm to make it a fluid movement.  It is designed for children aged 5 upwards.  The can of Frozen magic ice was quickly used up.  My girls had never experienced silly string before and so they were wowed by the magical ice.  It has been quite some time since I last played with silly string and I had forgotten quite how weird it is.  We now have a house full of bits of "ice" and some greasy stains on the walls.  Woops.

We actually found the water bottle attachment for the Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve offered the most entertainment for both girls and it was great fun for playing in the garden.  Initially I thought that the snow sleeve was a bit of a gimmick and that the entertainment factor would be short lived, but now that I have seen the girls playing in the garden, I can see that yes, they will return to this toy many times again.

If you are a Frozen fan, or if your little people are, then don't forget to look out for Frozen Fever, a new short movie which is released on the 27th March.
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