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Thursday 19 March 2015

Globber My Free 2c Pre-School Scooter Review

Globber is a stunning new brand of pre-school scooters which is going to take the UK by storm.  Holly has been trying out the Globber My Free 2c scooter and is absolutely LOVING it.  Holly has been unleashed and there is no stopping her!

Globber is a brand of scooters designed specifically for pre school children but with all the style and funkiness you would associate with a teen or pro scooter brand.  Globber scooters can be found in the UK over at Greenover sports who specialise in "proper" scooters for all ages.

The My Free scooter is a three-wheel scooter with a really chunky t-bar handlebar.  The handlebar is height adjustable and has a good range of height; it is recommended for children of around 95cm tall which I think is pretty much the height Holly is and yes, the sizing is perfect for her.  It was very easy to adjust the height of the bar using the supplied allan key.

The deck is wider than an adult or teen scooter but other than that, it oozes the same sort of style that I'd expect from a stunt scooter.  The handlebar is built on a metal frame which makes the My Free a relatively heavy scooter but it doesn't suffer from this at all.

Holly instantly took to the My Free Globber scooter.  She found the steering intuitive (you shift your weight to the left or right of the handlebar) so I didn't need to worry about using the training mode.  With the training mode button at the base of the front of the scooter you can lock the steering in place so that your preschooler can practice scooting before they move on to learning about steering.  This is a great way of avoiding the need for a very basic four-wheel scooter when they are smaller.

I think Holly loves her Globber scooter for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it gives her a level of independence.  We went around the block together and Holly was able to scoot off into the distance on her own!  Secondly, it makes her feel grown up.  Holly compares her scooter to her big sister and can see that her own Globber My Free is just as smart and fashionable (if not more so!)

The Globber My Free 2c scooter has a small covered break at the back wheel which Holly has yet to master.  The deck is really nice and low so she doesn't have far to fall when she goes a little over the top!  It moves smoothly and, most importantly, it is GREAT FUN.

The Globber My Free 2c scooter costs around £55-60.
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