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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Little Tikes Attach n Play Basketball Review

Both Holly and Lara have a lot of energy left when we get home from work, school and nursery in the evenings and this new Little Tikes Attach n Play Basketball set from Online4Baby is a great way of them running off that extra energy before bedtime.

The Little Tikes Attach 'n' Play Basketball Set is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; the net can be hooked over a door or fence and is designed so that it will stay in place, even if you hang off it (which is very tempting when you're attempting a slam dunk... even when you are two years old!)  We like to hang it off our living room door so that you can stand almost anywhere in the downstairs of the house and attempt to throw the ball in.  Mr. B. particularly enjoys this!  Both of the girls most enjoy simply throwing it in from immediately below the net, or sitting on the sofa opposite it!

The best thing about this basketball hoop is that you can easily adjust the height to one of three main settings.  This is perfect for us because Holly and Lara are both totally different heights and Lara gets easily bored playing with it at a height suitable for her little sister.  Once Holly has lost interest, I can quickly snap off one of the extending arms and move the net much higher for Lara.  It takes a matter of seconds.  It looks to me as if there should be a finer granularity of adjustment (due to the large number of holes on the extension arms) but I can't quite work out how to do this!

We have already had hours of fun from our indoor basketball hoop and ball and I forsee many more in the future!  I love the fact that this is a game suitable for all ages from tiny toddlers through to grown ups.

The only negative I have found on the Little Tikes Basketball set is that the net doesn't come fitted on the hoop and it was quite difficult to attach it (but now it's on, its never going to come off).

The Little Tikes Attach n Play Basketball set currently costs £11.95 at Online4Baby.  We were sent ours for the purposes of this review.
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