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Saturday 28 March 2015

Forever Bespoke Personalised Childrens Phonetic Name Frames

Lara and Holly love sharing a room together and later this year we plan to move them into bunk beds and redecorate so that the room can no longer be referred to as "Lara's old room".  In an attempt to try and make the room feel like it belongs to both of them, we have put up these two beautiful personalised illustrated framed names from Forever Bespoke.

I always love a personalised gift but these name frames are showstoppers.  Each letter is illustrated by hand and then laid out and printed especially for your child on white paper and then framed in a chunky white frame that will look good in any room, alongside any colour of decoration.  Each letter tells a story using sounds beginning with the letter such as H for Horse, wearing a Hat or O for Owl playing the Oboe.  Lara's name features an alien, and aardvark, a lemur and a rabbit in a rocket!  Holly's features a lion and a yeti playing a yoyo.

Holly has just started learning her letter sounds and shapes.  She instantly recognised the H for Holly and then ever since we put these personalised name pictures up on their bedroom wall, Holly has talked about the different sounds such as L for Lion.  This is the kind of gift that you can give to your child from birth and it will live with them through their first learning and reading experiences, right through until adulthood.

The framed names are  49 x 21 cm and both of them fit well alongside one another, even though the girls names are different lengths.  They have taken pride of place on the bedroom wall and I think that, even if nothing else in the room survives out redecoration attempts later in the year, these beautiful framed phonetic names are here to stay.

A personalised framed name print from Forever Bespoke costs £39.99 for upto 12 characters.  I think they make a beautiful gift and they are just the sort of gift that we would normally buy for the girls as a non-chocolate Easter present.
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