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Saturday 7 March 2015

Leapfrog Leappad Disney Games Video Review

Myself, Holly and Lara are proud to have been asked to be 2015 Leapfrog Blogger Panelists this year and to start 2015 we have been trying out some of the educational games from Leapfrog available for the Leappad learning tablet and Leapster GS handheld console.
This month we were introduced to two mathematics games for the Leappad featuring some of our favourite Disney characters - The Little Mermaid and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Lara very much enjoys using her Leappad at present; she is nearly 6 and I think she has really grown into the right age range to make the most from her learning tablet.  My girls own a Leappad 3 and a Leappad Ultra XDi and the Leapfrog games cartridges run on both.  The games cartridges (or online downloads of the same game) are more expensive than many iTunes or Google Play games but with Leapfrog I do know that the games will be a good quality, totally advert-free and will have a good educational grounding.

I found both Jake and the Neverland Pirates (recommended for ages 3-5) and The Little Mermaid Ariel's Princess Adventures (recommended for ages 4-7) to have clear numerical and mathematical themes. I particularly liked the Little Mermaid games which mixed girly "fashion" activities with fairly challenging number pattern recognition up to 100 and I could see Lara enjoying the challenge of the puzzles and the reward of the play.

Leappad games can be bought as plut-in cartridges for the Leappad or Leapster GS range OR downloaded from the Leapfrog App Center online, or through the Leapfrog Connect software which can be downloaded for free and connected to your Leapfrog products.
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