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Wednesday 18 March 2015

Leapfrog Alphapup Review

As members of the Leapfrog blogger panel, we love discovering their range of educational toys and Lara has spent quite some time exploring their rich content for reading and learning technology but Leapfrog are also known for their wonderfully simple learning toys for toddlers which encourage an interest in the basic fundamentals of all learning paths for the future.  The Alphapup is one such Leapfrog toy.

Holly has just started learning her alphabet with us, and at nursery and she has very much enjoyed meeting the Alphapup because he talks the same language as her - the ABC!

The Alphapup is a pull along toy suitable for early walkers up to preschoolers.  The keys along his back play the names of the letters of the alphabet when pressed, along with their basic phonic sounds.  At this age, little people learn through reptition and imitation of sounds that they hear.  

The Alphapup waddles along as you pull him (or her!) and he sings one of his three happy tunes.  Alphapup has one or two cheerful phrases to accompany the singing too.

We like the Alphapup because of his unending happiness and cheerful bright colours.  I think Holly is just about grown out of the Alphapup though because the lead is a bit too short for her to comfortably hold when she is walking upright.

The Leapfrog Alphapup costs around £16.99

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