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Monday 27 June 2011

Being Two

Dear Lara,

Being two does not give you the right to run up and down the central aisle at Sainsburys shouting “Peppaaaaaaaaaahhh Pig” repeatedly at full volume. It does not mean you can throw your toys over the stairgate at the top of the stairs and then cry. It does not mean you can post my coasters through the french window one at a time and then exclaim “oh”.

Turning two is not an obstacle. It's an opportunity. You don't need to stand in the corner and act embarrassed when you see someone you've not met before (or haven't seen for a while). You don't have to worry about no longer being the oldest person in your class at nursery – there are older children you can share with and learn from; pick their brains, you might learn some tricks!

Being two does not mean you need to shout and scream when you don't get your own way. It doesn't give you the right to fib and certainly doesn't permit you to force those tears you think are so effective.

Lara, being two means I can stop counting your age in months. It means I need to start shopping for clothes in the children's section, not the baby section. It means I have to pay slightly less to send you to nursery and it means you're no longer a baby – you're a young lady now. It's that simple.

Being two is great fun.
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