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Sunday 26 June 2011

The Sunday Review - Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby

When I first unwrapped the Unbelievabowl from Vital Baby I thought "If this works, this is a piece of frickin' genius". A baby weaning bowl that actually sticks to the highchair or table? I mean actually... as in for more than 2 seconds.

I placed the small circular stand onto the kitchen work surface and pressed down the clip to cause it to suck the air out and fasten itself firmly to the table. Then I twisted on the small bowl (perfectly flat at the bottom to ensure a good amount of space for food, yet well rounded at the sides to help you scoop the food out, without being so tall you drop the food before it reaches the top). Then I gave it a really good yank!

I pulled with all my might and the bowl stayed right there on the surface. Right, I thought. That's bliming brilliant. Really unbelieve - a - bowl.

So I called through to Lara who had been chilling out in front of CBeebies and Mr. B who had also been enjoying a bit of Show Me, Show Me. "Watch this Daddy", I said and, with a snigger, I challenged Lara to pull the bowl from the work surface.

And, right there in front of my eyes, Lara reached up, placed her tiny little finger against the suction base of the bowl and tipped it right up and off the table! Un-fricking-believeable.

I've tried the bowl on the highchair, on the wooden table, on the kitchen work surface, on waterproof table cloths, placemats. You name it, I've tried it. On about 50% of the surfaces I get pretty much no suction at all - at least no better suction than the bog standard bowls you find at the supermarket. On the other 50% of surfaces (mainly the wipe-clean ones) it sticks really very firmly indeed but somehow my toddler has the magic touch. For Lara, the bowl never stays put for more than a couple of seconds. I don't get it. Its like some sort of secret she's unwilling to share with me.

And so, the wonder of the Vital Baby unbelievabowl has been rather dampened for me!
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