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Sunday 19 June 2011

The Sunday Review – Crocs Chameleons Colour-Changing Shoes

These Crocs Chameleons are quite possibly the coolest thing Lara has ever been asked to review!

Crocs Chameleons are new this summer – they change colour in the sunshine. When exposed to UV rays the shoes change from one relatively pale colour to a different, brighter colour. Lara's bright yellow Crocs change from yellow to a deep bluey green.

The Crocs Chameleons turn heads. Lara gets loads of comments from people she meets, and when they see the magic trick take place in front of their eyes, most people are in awe! It only takes a couple of seconds for the transformation to take place.

I'm not convinced that Lara has quite grasped the wonder of her Crocs. She calls them her “yellow shoes” and every time we go outside and the colour changes, I point it out to her and she shrugs and carries on with whatever she was doing. Oh well.... I'm impressed, even if she isn't.

Crocs Chameleons are a limited edition and are available in both their traditional-shaped translucent clogs, and in their Shirley sandal. Crocs Chameleons start from a UK size 4 (teeny tiny, Lara's feet were never that small!) and go all the way up to a junior size 3. They cost from £34.95.

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