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Sunday 5 June 2011

The Sunday Review - Splash About Swimming Costume

You may have heard me rave before about the Splash About Happy Nappy system; well, Lara has finally outgrown her largest happy nappy and at nearly 2 years old I have started to dress her for her swimming lessons in a one-piece swimsuit. Our most recent swimsuit is another one of Splash About's range of children's swimwear – a simple swimming costume with a stripey ruffle detail.

I'm very fussy when it comes to swimming costumes for myself and I think I'm developing the same fussiness for Lara. I really like the Splash About swimming costume because it is made from a good quality, light weight fabric. My two pet hates when it comes to swimwear are cheap fabrics that perish after one or two uses (the reason why Lara is now on her third swimsuit in as many months) and swimsuits made of such thick or firm fabric that they aren't comfortable to swim in and can often leave you feeling warm and heavy. Splash About seem to have got both of these things right. A flexible, light weight swimsuit that is easy to put on a wiggly child!

As with almost all of their children's swimwear, the swimming costume is made from a fabric that offers sun protection of UPF50+ so they are suitable for wearing on holiday or out in the garden to offer a little bit of protection from the sun.

I would have loved to have shown you a photo of Lara actually wearing the swimsuit - she wore it to her swimming lesson last week and it didn't cross my mind to take a picture and then this morning, when I asked her if she would try it on again for a photo she grabbed it off me, waved it about a bit then ran away with it and threw it over the stairgate. This is the terrible twos and I'm getting pretty bored of it.

Lara's swimsuit has a ruffle detail around the legs and little striped bows on each shoulder. The bows fascinate her but I think they're an unnecessary detail which looks a bit funny. You can also get the swimsuit in Splash About's iconic pink/mango colourway or with a little skirt and bows. They are available from age 1 – 6 years.

At £19.99 the Splash About swimsuit is still good value for money – the quality of Splash About's products is far greater than anything I could buy with a high street name on it so I know I'll get more than one month's use out of this swimsuit.
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