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Sunday 5 June 2011

The Sunday Review – Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Capsules

I tend to use a facial oil interchangeably with a facial serum. I discovered the effectiveness of a good facial oil a few years ago – a plant-based oil is an integral part of a Decleor facial – and would highly recommend introducing one to your regular skincare routine as they are quickly absorbed into the skin where they can get to work quickly and they really compliment your normal moisturiser. The latest facial oil I have tried is the Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil which comes in capsule form.

I've always liked capsules as a means of distributing expensive cosmetics – yeah, I know it's just another way that they can charge more for something that already costs the earth, but for something like a facial oil it really helps you to get to grips with how much you are meant to be using. Too little and you might not notice the effects; too much and you might be wasting money or reducing the effectiveness through over-use. The Weleda oil comes in small 0.3ml capsules designed for use once every 3 or 4 days. The capsules are firmer than some I've tried which makes them quite hard to twist open – I also suspect that they are plastic, and not biodegradable, but I'm unsure.

The Smoothing Facial Oil is made from a mix of Wild Musk Rose Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Peach Oil and Almond Oil. I was slightly disappointed with the fragrance which is definitely more 'musk' than 'rose', and given the pink packaging, I had built up my expectations of an intensely floral aroma. The blend of oils is intended to help prevent the signs of ageing and provide a deep nourishing treatment.

Musk Rose (Rosehip) Oil is supposed to offer a particular combination of fatty acids and anti-oxidants which supports regeneration of the skin so it is ideally suited to stressed or ageing skin. Rose oil is also a natural source of Retinol.

Once you've managed to open the capsule (!) you rub the oil over your clean, damp skin. 0.3 ml is enough to cover your face and neck AND leave a little left over, which I blot off with a tissue.

I would say that the results are subtle. I haven't noticed any visible increase in the suppleness of my skin but I would say that there were small signs of an improved smoothness but this could just as easily be attributed to a very relaxing week's holiday in the South of France!

A pot of 30 capsules of Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil costs around £16.95. Find out more on Weleda's UK Facebook page.
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