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Thursday 2 June 2011

Call for Posts - Birthday Parties and Cakes Carnival

June is here already and that means that Lara is going to be 2. Bonkers.

To celebrate all things birthday-ish, this month's regular parenting blog carnival is going to be around the theme of children's birthday parties and birthday cakes. The carnival will be held on Tuesday 28th of June and so I will need your submissions by the end of Sunday 26th June which gives you plenty of time to either write a brand new post, or else delve through your archives to find me some juicy blog posts.

Feel free to interpret the theme as you wish - I'm open to stories about successful parties you may have hosted for your own children; perhaps a nightmarish experience you may have had; the politics of children's birthday parties; the overwhelming feeling of pride you feel when your children grow 1 year older?

I'm happy to host image-only blog posts of great parties or fabulous cakes; or recipes for children's party foods or cakes; I'm even happy to host reviews of party products or entertainers.

Leave me a comment with your link, tweet me (I'm @jumblyMummy) or drop me an email on and then come back here on the 28th to read everyone else's posts.
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