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Tuesday 21 June 2011

Birthday Presents Galore

Behold, Lara's 2nd Birthday cake! I ummed and aahed about what character cake to make her this year (it would be hard to beat last year's Makka Pakka) but in the end I decided that, given Lara's two favourite foods in the world are strawberries and chocolate, I couldn't go wrong with a strawberry gateau.

chocolate and strawberry gateau

Unless you hadn't gathered already, this past weekend was Lara's birthday. She had loads of great presents including a toy kitchen which she has spent almost every waking moment playing with!

toy kitchen

Lara is an incredibly lucky little girl; she even got sent these specially selected Birthday Gifts straight from Hotel Chocolat! A bumper bag of milk chocolate treats that are perfect for any little girl who likes ballerinas (and/or chocolate).

birthday chocolate

Lara was sent The Twinkle Toes Bag which is a yummy gift bag of different goodies all on the ballerina theme. She shared her gemstones treats with us but her little 'tiddly pot' of tiny buttons was devoured with none of our help! There is a great big Twinkle Toes ballerina made from solid chocolate which is nearly as big as her head! Lara's favourite item from the gift bag was a set of 8 mini twinkle toes ballerinas.

As well as the chocolate, Lara received a Funpod so that she can learn to cook with me in the kitchen - watch out for some fun photos and recipes coming soon
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