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Wednesday 15 June 2011

The One Where I Explain Pubic Hair To My Not Quite Two Year Old

baby bubble bath

We gave up on the baby bath when Lara was three weeks old. We were both rubbish at holding Lara in the bath precariously and it seemed to save time, water and stress for one of us to hold Lara in the bath with us, while the other one bathed her. From then on, Lara shared a bath with us right up until she was about 16 months old.

Over the past few months, a bath with Lara has become a rare thing. She doesn't need us in there with her to keep her steady any more and to be honest, there isn't room for both of us in the bath – I barely fit in the bath when I'm alone, let alone when there is a taller-than-average toddler in there with me.

This weekend we shared a bath for the first time in months and I realised how much Lara had grown up in that time. Mr. B. was busy, I needed a bath, Lara was being a minx... so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get in with her – much to Lara's excitement.

When Lara sat down between my legs, she wiggled and giggled and then jumped up in horror. I realised she was staring straight between my legs.
“What's that mummy?”
she asked innocently.
“Hair, Lara”.
She frowned and touched her head.

Quite randomly she then said
and started trying to wipe it off with her frog-shaped flannel. Having little success she then looked up at me and asked

“No Lara, it's hair”.

Lara reached down perplexed that she didn't have hair there too. I really felt I had to explain. I pointed out that she may not have hair there now, but she will do in the future. This seemed to satisfy her; she sploshed down into the bath water and hit me hard in the belly with a floating Winnie the Pooh.

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