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Thursday 9 June 2011

Bondie Bird PlayWrap - A Review by Santi, Aged 3 Months

I usually reserve reviews for the weekend, but when this review of the Bondie Bird Playwrap came in, I just couldn't resist posting it. You may or may not know that Mellow Mummy is supported by a group of Mummy and Daddy reviewers who regularly contribute to my reviews either directly or indirectly... well this review is a little different. It is written by baby Santiago who is just 3 months old!

The Bondie Bird Playwrap is something altogether more ingenious than the traditional activity mat or play gym - it is a sensory play gym that you wear around your neck so that your baby can interact with the toys while sitting on your lap. Alternatively, your baby can sit with it surrounding them. The Bondie Bird Playwrap is a great idea for babies that like to be upright and would be wonderful to take on a flight or as a compact activity toy for taking away on holiday. It costs around £30 and can be bought online at John Lewis or the Handpicked Collection

I love the little cow with the mirror, there is always a baby looking at me from the other side and every now and then he smiles at me. I can grab its little green ribbons with my tiny hands and pull the Bondie Bird Playwrap towards me. It also has a little butterfly that makes a noise when I scrunch it. I still haven't got used to the bells, they keep startling me every time I pull it towards me. My two-year-old brother keeps telling me that the bells are part of a driving wheel as he places the Play Wrap in his legs to play with it. He has shown me new things like the beanie bag and its funny little black hairs, which quite puzzle me.

Tummy time with the Playwrap is fun, although not as much fun as playing with it laying on my back, but perhaps that is because I don't like being on my tummy for too long.

I also love playing peek-a-boo with my mummy and the little plastic mirror on the back side of the Bondie Bird Playwrap. Perhaps the best part so far is that new toys and even my new teether have kept appearing in the rings that come with the Playwrap.

The other day my mum placed it around her neck, but I think I am still too small to play with it there as I can't really sit down on my own yet.

(3 months old)
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