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Thursday 5 April 2012

Hayfever during pregnancy

Until a few years ago (before Lara came along), I never used to suffer from hayfever. I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, probably caused by tree pollen and after a bit of experimenting, I found that loratadine tablets (a non-drowsy antihistamine) seemed to clear the problem up most of the time. Now, the problem with loratadine is that my G.P. asked me to discontinue using it during pregnancy, but particularly when breastfeeding. This leaves me once again looking for a more natural solution to my niggly hayfever problems.

At this time of year, pollen levels are just beginning to rise (I can tell this by the gungey yellow colour of our ordinarily-black car) and for many it is the start of a summer of hayfever. Thankfully for me, hayfever has never been something that has an enormous impact on my life but it is phenomenally annoying to have a runny nose and an irritating cough caused by the gunk that collects in my throat. It also frustrates Mr. B. because the coughing stops me from sleeping and the gunk means I snore.

As a Sterimar ambassador, I wasn't suprised when they recommended Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygeine as a long-term solution to the problem - I just hadn't considered it before because I knew I had a solution of my own. But, seeing as I now can't use my normal tablets I'm going to give the Sterimar a go this spring and summer, having used Sterimar Congestion Relief successfully over winter to combat the equally-annoying post-nasal drip that I experience after a cold.

Because Sterimar is made from 100% natural sea water, it is safe for me to use both now at the end of pregnancy and after the birth when I'm breastfeeding. I've only been using it for about 10 days and I'll admit that it is a hard habit to get into and I've forgotten a couple of times so at present there is little sign of an improvement. Mind you, I did spend A LOT of time outside in the garden of the weekend so my runny nose is likely to be at its worst right now anyway. Theoretically, regular use of the Sterimar salt water spray should help clean my nose and help my own body to do what it is supposed to do naturally - filter out air-borne allergens.

So, I'll keep on using the Sterimar Isotonic and keep you updated on whether I think it is effective as a natural solution to the allergic rhinitis.

Disclosure: I am a Sterimar ambassador. I receive a financial contribution for my ambassador activities (which include more than just blogging). I personally use Sterimar (mainly because it is easier than performing a home-made nasal douche), I recommend it and wholeheartedly believe in all of the comments I make about it - whether they are positive or negative comments.
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