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Sunday 8 April 2012

Hestia H100 Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

hestia wireless baby video monitor pink
In the run up to the arrival of baby Button II we have been trying out the Hestia baby video monitor for my sister site, FamilyTech thanks to Comfy Babies, a brand new website for baby gifts.

The Hestia wireless video baby monitor comes in blue or pink (choosing which one was a bit tricky given we don't yet know what flavour baby is). We plumped for pink given we already have a daughter and I was quite suprised at HOW pink it was!!! In fact, the product doesn't have a great quality feel to it at all - it looks a bit plasticy BUT don't let you put that off. At just £69.95 I think this is awesomely good value for money and I was really impressed by the functionality once I abandoned my judgemental first impressions.

hestia baby video monitor in blue

The Hestia H100 video monitor has two pieces. The camera unit which sits in your baby's nursery and transmits a very crisp quality image and the wireless parent unit that receives the image. You can sync upto 4 cameras with a single parent unit and then switch between camera views with a single button press.

The camera unit has a limited range of movement but the adjustment is simple and easy to do so you will probably never have a problem positioning the camera where it can get a good view of your baby. You can also choose to mount it on the wall if you want to.

The colour quality on the parent unit is a little washed out (grey and milky and not awfully representative of the real-life colours) but the image clarity makes up for this. It compares VERY favourably with other video baby monitors I've tried in the past in terms of the clarity of image and sound. The parent unit when used in VOX mode, is capable of switching itself off after a period of inactivity in order to save energy; with many other brands of baby monitor (video or otherwise) I have found the point at which the parent unit is triggered to come back on again a bit too late but the Hestia baby monitor responded promptly to sound in my daughter's nursery.

At night, or in low lights, the camera automatically uses infra-red technology so that you can continue monitoring your baby.

hestia video monitor parent unit in pink

The Hestia H100 wireless baby video monitor doesn't play music or provide talkback - it just provides a simple yet secure monitoring device and it seems to do that well.
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