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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Introducing Family Road Trip 2012

If you haven't yet heard about my epic road trip across Europe this summer, then where have you been? Plans are really getting underway for our #FamilyRoadTrip2012 and I have started booking hotels and ferries and whatnot (well, trying to anyway).

The weird thing is that right up until Christmas, the mellow family had been planning a quiet and sedate UK holiday up in Scotland. Mr B. and I have been threatening to go to Scotland ever since we first started seeing each other and this year, with a new baby in the family, we thought that a main summer holiday in the UK rather than abroad would be the best way to go. So what stopped our search for cottages in scotland? What convinced us to trek 2000 miles across Europe in a car instead?

Well... mainly family! Only a big family wedding in a fairytale castle in Poland could make us change our plans quite so dramatically. We considered quickly popping over to Poland by plan but the costs seemed prohibitive and fear was struck though us at the prospect of travelling on a low-cost airline in the middle of the night with a three year old and what will be a 3 month old by the time the journey comes round.

So, now instead of browsing online for holiday cottages near Fort William, I'm spending every evening browsing for Gasthofs near Hannover and Hotels in The Netherlands!

We have decided to make the journey to Walbryzch in Poland and back again over 10 days. Travelling through France, The Netherlands, Germany to Poland and then back again through Germany, Belgium and France. I will be blogging and tweeting the journey and sharing it on facebook with my followers AND while we travel, I will be raising awareness of the great, great work done by The Children's Trust – a charity for children with long term disabilities (I shall tell you more about their work at a later date but in the meantime, if you fancy donating to The Children's Trust, you can do so through the widget at the top of my sidebar).

Wish us luck on our mammoth road trip and follow the plans and journey online at as we build up to the trip in July and on twitter using the hashtag #FamilyRoadTrip2012.

This is a sponsored post but that doesn't stop it being fun to read.
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