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Saturday 28 April 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 40

I'm still here!

Despite having had an achey back since Thursday evening and lots of twinges and cramps there is no further sign of impending labour. I have a busy weekend with two different third birthday parties to take Lara to and a visit from the inlaws.

My last day at work was pretty uneventful. It felt good, I'm ready to move on to the next part of my year now - a new beginning.

Baby has moved down into a more-or-less engaged position now so movement had become pretty tricky and combined with piles the size of golf balls and a suspected urine infection, I had been bl**dy uncomfortable all week at my desk. At one point there were tears down the phone to the GP begging for a prescription... it worked but its still pretty depressing to be relying on prescriptions even before baby has put in an appearance.

So, now I have to play the waiting game. I have an appointment for next Friday for a stretch and sweep but I'm still hopeful it won't get to that point because I am home alone all next week without a car and with only a visit from the burglar alarm engineer to look forward to!

I'll keep you all up to date - promise!
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