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Sunday 22 April 2012

Tiny Tatty Teddy Door Plaque Review

Right now I am prepping Lara for the arrival of baby and her new role as BIG SISTER and have been on the lookout for gifts which I can offer Lara at the same time that our house is filling full of baby products and gifts. This Tiny Tatty Teddy bedroom door plaque from is the first little token that I hope will make Lara feel a bit more grown up and like she has some sort of authority in our household.

The name plaque costs £4.99 and comes with some sheets of letter stickers so that you can add your child's name to it. I then gave Lara some more Tatty Teddy stickers so that she could decorate it in her own style before attaching it to her bedroom door.

Now Lara knows that her room is all her own and that the nursery is baby's realm. I think it was a big hit!
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