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Sunday 1 April 2012

mOMma No Spill Cup Review

Clearly it is going to be many months before baby Button starts weaning but I can tell you that having had a play with the mOMma trainer cup, I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the bits and bobs in the mOMma range of feeding equipment.

Lara still uses a beaker occasionally - usually when she is on the move or when I know she is too tired or too distracted to be trusted with a plain old cup. We've tried several trainer cups along the way and I like to think I've built up a mental image of all the things I will be looking for when buying trainer cups for baby II. Number one on my list is a cup that is near-impossible for your child to tip the contents out of. Two, the spout area needs to be easily replaceable and failing that, the cup has to be affordable enough to replace the whole cup... teething toddlers and babies chew through spouts at some rate. Three, the handles have to be small enough for a baby but big enough for a toddler (and for me to grab if I need to).

We have been trying out the mOMma no-spill cup with dual handles. I can't find any reference to replacement spouts on the internet, but the cup only costs around £5.99 so would be easily replaceable if needed. Other than that, it DEFINITELY fulfills my other mummy-criteria.

The mOMma no-spill cup has a rounded and weighted, gently-rocking base so that if your child knocks it, it will just roll and then pop back up to an upright position... a bit like a rocking doll. Originally I worried that the base was too rounded and that Lara would struggle to place it upright on a table but the flat spot on the bottom is surprisingly effective. The inside of the cup is slightly rounded and raised which is probably really important for the next stage up - mOMma sell the same cup with a lid that has an integral straw and a rounded base makes it easier to get to the contents at the very bottom of the cup.

The handles are slightly bendy, which means they can be easily grabbed by me if I need to. The spout is a very bendy soft material with quite a large area of the liquid to be sucked from. The screw-top lid with handles can be replaced with some of mOMma's other lids in the range including a teat or a lid with straw. The bottle itself is a 250ml bottle made from BPA-free plastic.

One of the features I liked most about the mOMma cup was the lid that covered the spout. I gave up with the lids on many of Lara's cups as they were either too difficult to take off (and ended up spraying liquid everywhere) or else they were too loose. The coloured spout cover on the mOMma cup is easy to take on and off and doesn't come off in my bag.

The cup is striking, but perhaps not the most iconic product of the mOMma range. mOMma is currently distributed by Lansinoh in the UK.


You can view the complete mOmma feeding range on Amazon.
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