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Thursday 26 April 2012

Life's Little Surprises

I will admit that sometimes, as a blogger, I squeal with excitement when I open the post on my return from work and find a well thought-out gift from a brand representative. I love surprises. Mind you, I love surprises from Mr. B more... mainly because they are so rare. Mr. B. is not one for surprise gifts (although he did manage to engineer a very cute cuddly owl from Lara as my mother's day present!).

A study by Mr. Kipling during March this year showed that I shouldn't be that surprised at the lack of unexpected treats - women over 55 are much more likely to receive a special treat than people in my age bracket.

Mr. Kipling sent me my own little treat in the post - a box of goodies which included some of their new Angel Slice and Lemon Slice cakes. Sadly, I can't show you a photo of said cake because it all disappeared in the blink of an eye - this has something to do with a ravenous Lara and the fact that the snap pack cakes come in individual servings so I was able to secrete slices of cake in my work laptop bag for a sneaky afternoon snack.

They also sent Lara a surprise - a pack of Mister Maker craft goodies which she ripped open and transformed into THIS - a surprise gift for the baby. How cute is that?  surprises all round.

Mr. Kipling have been touring the country with a cakemobile which still has a few more stops to make before the 5th of May. Look out for it and you too could be in with a chance of receiving a little surprise. Alternatively, pop over to the facebook page where there are also chances to win a special treat (such as a Merlin annual pass).
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