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Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Mellow Nursery Is Ready For Baby No. 2

So here it is. The big reveal!

We are now all ready for baby's arrival and the nursery is fully kitted out. Most of the furniture in our nursery was second hand when we got it for Lara but with a bit of a scrub, the room has come up looking really nice.

We did invest in a new chest of drawers to stay in keeping with the nursery, and a mobile for the crib. Actually, we plan for baby to sleep with us in our bedroom for some time but it is nice to have the room ready and available, perhaps for afternoon naps.

I don't think baby Button is going to be short of company - currently the nursery is known as the 's-bear room' and is home to my collection and Lara's collection of teddy bears. Baby is already building up quite a collection too - I'm not sure there is going to be room for them in that crib!

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