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Sunday 8 April 2012

Nourish Skincare Range Review

The Nourish skincare range is a range of natural cosmetics designed to gently target the signs of age using plant-based (and where appropriate, organic) ingredients. There are four key areas of products in the range to suit different skin types - Protect (for dry skin), Relax (for sensitive skin), Balance (for combination skin) and Radiance (for mature skin). I have been using some of the products from the Nourish Relax range over the past few weeks to see whether a natural moisturiser can be as effective at producing anti-ageing benefits as other products I have tried.

Nourish Relax Face Moisturiser

The Nourish Relax Face Moisturiser is an incredibly simple product. The cream is made from a sunflower seed and glycerin base which makes it a very thick cream and it reminds me of the simple base creams you can buy to mix your own at-home cosmetics. The active ingredients are lavender oil, borage oil and shea butter.

The lavender oil definitely contributes to a feeling of relaxation when I use the moisturiser. When I was younger, I used to find the smell of pure lavender oil overwhelming but these days I appreciate it's ability to calm not just me, but my skin - it has natural anti-inflammatory qualities. The scent is balanced somewhat with some gentle citrussy notes from other organic essential oils. I enjoy using the Nourish Face Moisturiser for it's soothing and calming effect but I don't feel an immediate return on investment or a long-term benefit to my skin when I use it.

Nourish Relax Face Serum Gel

The Nourish Relax Face Gel Serum has made my mornings that little bit more pleasurable! It is a very light facial serum that has a tingly, cooling feeling on the skin. As with the other products in the Relax range, the serum gel features Lavender as the primary active ingredient to help calm the skin and Aloe Vera to hydrate. It additionally features hyaluronic acid to help visibly smoothe the skin - I can't say I'm wholly comfortable with HA as a key ingredient as I know that it is frowned upon by some... but there is no denying that the effect of the serum on my skin each morning is definitely smoothing so I have mixed feelings about it.

I think the Nourish Relax facial gel serum is the perfect way to start the day as it makes my skin feel refreshed and ready to take on the day as well as providing a smooth starting point for my face.

One of the things I really like about the nourish brand is that the products look less serious than organic and natural cosmetics often do. The bright colours and bold graphics make the brand stand out - the products look fun and appealing.

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