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Friday 8 August 2014

eBuyer 2D Cartoon Bag Review

When contacted me to ask if I wanted to review one of their 2D Cartoon bags I absolutely bit their hand off!  When I was in the USA earlier this year I had seen these awesomely cool bright bags in a funky gift shop and had been so close to buying one (and then of course regretted the decision as soon as I stepped onto the plane).

These are everyday bags but they looks like cartoons.  The bags all looks as if they are 2-dimensional drawings.   Of course, they are all three-dimensional (!) but, like my funky school satchel, they are all designed to look as if they are completely flat.

I chose this bright red and orange satchel-style cartoon bag because I thought it could serve as a school bag for Lara.  But... I seem to have accidentally taken it for myself!  Actually, for me it is perfect as I don't normally need to carry a lot with me - wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses and maybe a lipstick.  The bag is pretty sizeable on the outside but there isn't masses of space on the inside.

You can see from this side-on picture that the bag opens up a little at the base to form a sort of triangle and this allows you to stand it up on its base when you are not wearing it.

The best bit about this bag is the adjustable straps.  It is one of the most comfortable back-packs I've worn in a long time and we are able to adjust the straps to suite either me, or Lara.

There is a little compartment inside to keep my keys separate from everything else and there is a small pocket on the front.  Underneath the flat (which closes with a magnet), the inside zips closed and I've found this pretty cool because I'm not used to having a bag that closes up so securely.

I LOVE, Love, Love the style of all of these cartoon bags.  They are so bright and bold and everyone who sees this bag comments on it.  Mr. B. says that looking at it messes with his brain... his eyes simply can't compute the fact that it looks two-dimensional and yet it is clearly three-dimensional.


There are lots of different colours and designs of these cartoon bags to be found on eBuyer and they cost just under £20.
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