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Monday 11 August 2014

Graham & Brown Children's Room Decorations Review

An interesting thing happened this weekend.  A bit of an experiment.  I'm not sure if it is going to be a total disaster or a moment of genius.  We moved the two girls into the same bedroom!  It is something we have been considering doing for a little while now and we were vaguely aiming for Christmas but things were sped up a bit after our recent self-catering holiday on which the girls shared a room with some success.  To make the "new" room feel like home, the girls were sent a few room decorations from Graham & Brown as a gift to give their bedroom a bit of character.

Because the room move is a bit of an experiment we aren't planning on totally redecorating or painting the girls room right now but we did want to give it a bit of a refresh and some simple wall decorations like these Lemon Ribbon Animal designs from Graham & Brown are a great idea for a quick (or temporary) change of style in a kids room.

I applied a line of these Lemon Ribbon Animal Sancturary Mini Foam Elements across the top and sides of each of the girls' beds.  Each foam piece is between 5 and 15cm tall.  The set contains 24 foam shapes and lots of sticky foam pads with which to attach them.  At present, I'm trying not to think about how hard it will be to remove the foam pads when we do eventually decide to redecorate the room at some point in the future (although I am reliably informed that steam will help)!  Because the Lemon Ribbon foam animal shape wall stickers apply using sticky pads, they are very easy to put up and don't require any tools (or skill!)

At the edge of the bedroom there was a few marks where the previous owners obviously had a mirror.  The wall has been filled and could really do with painting so in order to detract from the marks, I placed a line of canvas blocks in a matching Lemon Ribbon design.  The Lemon Ribbon Animal Sancturary Canvas Blocks are 15 cm square and have a single hole in the back of the block that you can use to hang on a picture hook.  The blocks are very light.  Each has an image featuring the same fun pink and purple creatures from the Lemon Ribbon design but each block is slightly different.

I love the Lemon Ribbon animal designs because they are girly without being branded (my girls have enough Peppa Pig and Disney Princess stuff already thank you!)  I think they nicely bridge the toddler - girl age gap between my two daughters.  The range also includes a lamp, wall stickers and wall paper.

There are lots of different wall art, wall stickers and kids decor ideas at Graham & Brown - lots of recognisable kids characters along with beautiful, slightly different designs like these.
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