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Thursday 21 August 2014

Nathalie Bond Organics Review - Soaps, Balms and Candles

There is nothing that makes me more mellow than a relaxing bath filled with beautiful scents and, most importantly, without the interruptions of little people.  Since I started running a few months ago, all of my baths have had to be post-run and hence, post-bedtime; this is a very peaceful time of day.  To make bathtimes even more mellow, I've been trying out a few luxury skincare items and candles from Nathalie Bond.

The Nathalie Bond brand was born when Nathalie first became pregnant and, like many mums-to-be her skin became sensitive to strong chemicals and fragrances and she tried to move over to more natural products.  Then, when baby arrived it became even more important to try and find natural skincare products that could still make you and your family feel wonderful.  Nathalie and Andy started making handmade soaps and candles in their own kitchen using natural ingredients and the business has grown from there.

A little candle in the bathroom is a luxury I can only afford when I know that there won't be toddlers rudely interrupting me.  The Nathalie Bond natural candles come in a couple of different sizes and in a range of scents.  My candle is a strong Siberian Fur scent which smells exactly like Christmas trees!  In fact, it makes me feel all festive when I light it.  The small candles cost £11 and last for approximately 12 hours when they burn.  All of the Nathalie Bond candles are made using essential oils and sustainably sourced wax.

These days, I more or less only use natural soaps - handmade from natural ingredients using traditional techniques, this is what soap used to be about.  Naturally occurring moisturisers, cleansers and healers.  This gorgeous lavender soap bar is one of around six different "flavours" of soap made by Nathalie Bond.  It is made from 100% natural and 98% organically sourced materials.

My soap has a gentle lavender scent from lavender essential oils but it also packed full of lavender blooms which, as you use the soap, create a sightly rough surface that helps to exfoliate the skin (and they make the bath look pretty as they fall out!).  The soap itself is made with olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter and leaves my skin feeling both clean, and soft.  Times like these, I wonder why I ever use a shower gel?!?

I absolutely love this 100% natural grapefruit lipbalm from Nathalie Bond.  Small enough to slip into my pocket, this cute little metal tin is filled with a firm balm.  Apply it by finger to the lips (and to little patches of dry skin on your hands and face - if you like!) to soften, nourish and protect.  I always find that a natural lipbalm gives a longer lasting result and I don't seem to need to re-apply it very often.  I've taken to applying this lipbalm last thing at night to give my lips an overnight boost.  

My lipbalm is a white grapefruit flavour and the scent makes me think of summery breakfasts - it is totally grapefruit!  Once applied, you can't really taste or smell the grapefruit much but you can feel the oily goodness doing its job.  As a natural balm, you need to rub your finger over the balm in the tin a couple of times to soften it enough to apply.  I felt that the lipbalm was the superstar in the Nathalie Bond range because it was so gentle, yet effective.

I really enjoyed trying out these beautiful natural skincare products and candles - I wish more evenings could be this mellow!

Find out more about the range at and on Facebook.

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