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Sunday 10 August 2014

Sainsbury's Back to School

Yesterday Lara had a friend over for the whole day!  As a working Mum, I'm feeling a little guilty that Lara isn't managing to get out and about and "network" with many of her school friends over the summer holidays so I thought it was important that she managed a couple of play dates before she goes back to school in September and today was the day.

Lara is moving up into year one in September and interestingly, only one of her classmates is moving into the same class with her - one of her very best friends.  Said bestie came over today for some My Little Pony, princess and crafting fun to help them stay in touch, ready for the back-to-school shock in September!  There is lots of inspiration for back to school crafts on the Sainsburys Inspiration website; there are lots of ideas for summer holiday craft ideas too.

Getting crafty with Sainsburys Back to School Crafts

Both the girls are very creative and never happier than when they are making things out of paper, glitter and pom poms.  The girls considered making a sign for their new classroom (Hawthorn class) but instead, in a moment of inspiration, the back to school craft was abandoned in preference to setting up a shop in the living room.

The girls were equipped with a bumper pack of crafty items as a gift from Sainsburys ranging from essential school kit such as pens and glue all the way up to awesome crafty bits and bobs such as glittery paper, pink pom poms and lots of google eyes (Mister Maker would have been jealous).  Of course, Lara's younger sister wanted to join in too even though she won't be starting school for another two years!

The girls set to with scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, sparkly shapes, pens and crayons to create signs for their shop.  Lara made this open/shut sign to hang on the door.

Her friend very much enjoyed making a pink and purple sign for the front of their shop.  Then the girls searched the house high and low for products to sell in their shop... they had a fixed deadline of 2 o'clock when the shop would open (telling the time is a very new skill for these two 5 year olds!).  They filled their shop with tins of beans, pasta, curry sauces, fancy dress clothes, shoes, My Little Ponies (of course), Hairbands, crayons and of course... craft items for when people go back to school!

The finished shop!

When the shop opened, the beautifully crafted sign was hung up in all its glory and then Mr. B. and I went shopping!

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