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Friday 29 August 2014

Elle Macpherson Hot Wax Review

Yay - more sunny weather coming next week which means, I may yet manage to wear my skirts again before the summer is out.  Traditionally I'm a razor sort of a girl when it comes to my legs but, when I'm feeling flush, I do like to get my legs waxed at the salon but there are four reasons why, until recently, I've done my best to avoid waxing at home:-

  • I'm rubbish at applying wax neatly with a spatula
  • I'm rubbish at getting the temperature of the wax right (I either get it so hot it burns, or too cold so it doesn't apply well)
  • I get bored easily of applying wax and ripping it off
  • It is sticky and messy work

The Elle Macpherson Hot Wax Epilator by Homedics was a little beacon of light that meant I might be able to avoid the cost of the salon and wax at home.  So, how did I get on?

The Elle Macpherson Hot Wax Epilator is a hand-held home waxing system.  You buy replaceable wax cartridges which you place into the epilator and then place it into its mount and switch on to heat it up.  The wax takes about 20 minutes to heat which takes some patience but compared to my normal microwave exploits the wax was certainly at a much more appropriate temperature for use!!!

You roll the wax onto the leg using the very nifty applicator and then apply a normal waxing strip over the wax for removal (there is an art to pulling off wax strips!).  I found the roll-on process to be so much easier than having to mess about with a pot and a spatula.  After application though, it wasn't any different to normal.  I was very grateful when I was finished though because there was hardly any cleanup to do.  Just put the lid on and let the wax cool down for next time.  Easy!

In terms of addressing my home-wax stresses, I think it has certainly helped with the application of the wax but I don't think it can help me with the time it takes and the mess I tend to make!  I think I'd need some sort of super-gadget to solve that for me!

The Elle Maxpherson Hot Wax Epilator costs £34.99 and you can buy it in Argos, Amazon, Debenhams and House of Fraser along with replacement wax cartridges.
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