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Saturday 23 August 2014

Our Amazing Venture Photography Images Revealed

A couple of days ago I blogged about our Venture Photography Experience.  We had a wonderful time and, after our short break on the south coast we came home and the very next day we were invited back to the Venture Photography Studio in Eton to view our photos in a personalised show.

The whole family were invited into a private viewing area.  We were made very welcome and comfortable.  The lights were dimmed and then we were shown a slideshow projection of all of our family photos.  There were smiles, wide eyes, some "aaaawwws" and perhaps a little tear of happiness when we saw the pictures.  They were perfect and really told our story.  Here are a few of my favourites.

After the slideshow we were given an opportunity to look at some of the photos in more detail.  The salesperson (who happened to have been our photographer) talked to us about our budget and about what type of photos we were looking to buy.  We were very honest about our budget and I was really happy that there was no pressure at all to buy - it was all about finding what was right for us.

Venture are a luxury photography brand and the prices reflect the luxury experience and the quality of the prints.  Their new Lumino metal prints are, quite frankly, awe-inspiring but at a cost!  Venture do offer credit packages to help spread the cost of purchasing their images with many families spending between £800 and £2000 on prints from a single photo shoot.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to enjoy your Venture images and share them with others.  Venture offer packages of images so that you can purchase a small desk frame with your favourite prints from as little as £50 each, there is also the option to buy a digital photo frame that can show all of your Venture images.  As part of most photo packaged they also provide a sharing app for iOS and Android devices.

I thought the iOS app was a really nifty way of sharing my photos with family members.

There is absolutely no denying that our Venture images are the most stunning photos that I've ever seen of Lara and Holly.  The photographers worked so hard to find the right message to send for both girls.  If I had a house big enough to show off all of the photos (and a bank balance big enough to afford 60 by 40 prints of them all).

My favourite image of the entire set is this collection (a Venture Photography speciality) of gardening photos of the two girls - designed particularly with Marks Veg Plot in mind.
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