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Monday 25 August 2014

Gone Crabbing - Colin the Crab Pop Up Book

My two girls love a good pop-up book - there is something about the touchy feely element of a pop-up book which engages children of all ages so both Holly and Lara can enjoy a book equally.  Our latest book is Colin the Crab by Susie Mason which is part of the range of seaside-inspired gifts and accessories by Gone Crabbing.

Susie Mason is the founder of Gone Crabbing and this little pop-up book combines her passion for the seaside with the pop-up skills of Robert Crowther.  The story revolves around Colin the Crab who is one of the iconic symbols throughout the Gone Crabbing range of clothing and gifts and Lara was excited to have a story about a crab she already recognised.

Colin and his friends (Sally the Starfish and Mike the Mussel) live in a rock pool and one sunny day Colin's pals are scooped up in a bucket by two excited children who are exploring the beach.  Colin is distraught at the loss of his friends and, when the tide is right, he prepares o set off and search for them.  Thankfully, the two children have a caring streak and return the starfish and mussel to the pool where they found them and so Colin the Crab and his friends are re-united.

I thought this was a cute little book and we've read it as a family several times since we got back from our own beach holiday earlier this summer.  I think that, because the girls have fond memories of their own beach adventures this summer, the book really hits home to them and Lara has certainly picked up on the moral of the story - to leave the beach as you found it and to look after the creatures you find on the beach, however small they might be.

There is quite a lot of text on each page and I don't think Lara is quite ready to read it herself but she does enjoy exploring the pop-ups which include hiding crabs and flappy waves.  It isn't the most adventurous set of of pop-ups I've seen but I do think they add to the book.

I think both of my girls will enjoy returning to Colin the Crab every time they remember their trips to the seaside.  Colin the Crab costs £7.99 from Gone Crabbing.

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