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Wednesday 6 August 2014

New Zizzi Bambini Menu Review #ZizziBambini

Last week we were away on holiday. On our return, we celebrated the end of a wonderful holiday with a brilliant family meal out at our local Zizzi italian restaurant to try out their new children's menu - The Zizzi Bambini menu.

The new bambini menu is quite phenomenal value for only £6.75 for three courses.  The girls started off with a light starter of dough sticks, cucumber and carrot sticks which helped keep them occupied while we devoured our own sharing platter of bread and olives.

The Bambini menu is all about creativity.  From the very moment you walk in, your children are encouraged to get arty, not only with their food, but with their placemat and hat.  The girls were supplied with a pot of Crayola Twistables with which to start drawing on their menus (a picture of the Mona Lisa on one side, and puzzles and a colouring competition on the other).  Alongside these fun, chunky crayons there was a sheet of stickers each.  Lara used her crayons and stickers to create a picture of her ideal Zizzi restaurant in a sunny field and, of course, we entered her drawing into the monthly colouring competition so she is in with a chance of winning a free family meal and a Crayola goody bag.

When it comes to the food, your kids can get creative too.  The menu offers a "design your own" pizza option where your children are given a few pots of different fresh toppings that they can use to decorate their otherwise plain pizza.  The girls were given slices of ham, cherry tomatoes and pitted black olives and had great fun placing them on their pizza - Lara created this happy holiday face.

I think we were all a little surprised that the toppings were raw - I think we were expecting the girls to have a chance to put the toppings on their pizzas before they were placed in the oven but in fact the pizzas arrived ready cooked.  Holly didn't seem to mind but I think Lara was as surprised as we were.

The DIY element of the meal didn't stop with the pizzas though.  Holly's dessert was a set of mini vanilla ice cream cones which she could decorate using sprinkles of chocolate popping candy (or "candy pop" as her big sister calls it).  This was quite phenomenally messy.

To finish off the meal the girls were both offered a little choccaccino which is basically hot chocolate.  We loved that it was presented in a glass insulated mug, just like the grown-ups drinks and Lara loved it so much that she has seconds.

The entire bambini menu at Zizzi was perfectly suited to my two girls.  Real food.  Mini versions of the grown-up's dishes but with that added level of excitement to keep them interested for the entire meal.  We were in the restaurant for over 1.5 hours which is unheard of for us because normally the girls lose interest and start misbehaving but this night was different because they had great food and lots of puzzles and colouring to keep them occupied.

Of course, Zizzi isn't all about the kids and both Mr. B. and myself enjoyed out meals too - I had great fun with my dangling chicken Spiedini skewer which was served with yummy Tuscan potatoes and Mr. B enjoyed his ENORMOUS rustica pizza.  It was a brilliant evening, really relaxing and enjoyable and we will definitely be going back to Zizzi soon.


Inspire your kids creativity this summer by trying out the new Bambini menu. You can find your local restaurant here. Share your kid’s creations using #ZizziBambini on all your favourite social channels.

Disclosure: Out meal was supplied by Zizzi for the purposes of the review.  It was blimming awesome though!
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