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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Venture Photography - Our Experience

I had always wanted to try a Venture photography experience.  From the very first day I set eyes on a Venture image at a roadshow in our town centre I had my heart set on some photos of our family and recently I was given the chance to have a Venture photo sitting and to review their luxury photo service.

From the very minute that Venture got in touch, I felt comfortable that they knew what they were doing.  I was given a very thorough briefing about what to expect, including a helpful conversation about what budget to plan when coming in to view the photographs (I know some photographers like to leave this bit as a surprise for after you've had your photos taken!).

About 2 days before our family photo shoot, one of the two photographers rang me to "interview" me.  This was not only their chance to start finding out about who we are as a family, and what we were looking to get from our experience, but it was also a chance for them to help me talk through some ideas and plant some sparks of inspiration for photo themes for the day.  The Venture studio we were booked into was Venture in Eton - they have a large door into which you can bring many an imaginative prop!

On the call the photographer and I talked about the things that currently make the girls tick - their scooters, their dressing up clothes, all things rapunzel and helping Mummy and Daddy in the garden!  This got my mind racing so on the morning of the shoot we filled up the car boot with lots of different gardening paraphenalia as well as the girls scooters and princess dresses.  We chose lots of different outfits for both us and the girls.

We all really enjoyed our morning photo shoot at Venture.  Little things such as a welcome note for each family booked in that day put a smile on our face during our short wait.  The girls had plenty of toys to entertain themselves with while we talked to the photographers about the plan for our 1-hour shoot.

For the duration of the shoot we had the use of a private changing room with family changing facilities but most of our time was spent in the spacious photography studio itself.

We had two photographers working with us.  They chatted briefly about our favourite styles and about what percentage of the images we wanted to be just the girls compared to the whole family.  The photographers were EXCELLENT when it came to working with the girls.  Surprisingly Holly was very timid that morning and it took a while for her to warm up but they were very gentle and understanding and had plenty of ideas of how to bring her out of her shell.  Lara on the other hand was in an incredibly boisterous and chatty mood and loved every minute of her moment in the spotlight!

At the end of our shoot we were given a date to come back and view the finished photographs.  I have put a few examples of the beautiful, stunning images in this post but I'm saving the best for later this week when I'll reveal a set of amazing family portraits totally tailored to the Mellow family!

While we were on holiday Venture sent us a little taster of our photo show by sending us a text message with a sample image in it - it was a wonderful surprise.
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