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Sunday 19 February 2012

Argos Kids Clothing Review

Did you know that you can buy children's clothing at Argos? Well now you do. The realisation that you could buy branded and character clothing in your local Argos store came as quite a revelation to me when I first found out in December last year. As a working mum who gets little time to go shopping, I'm often restricted to just clothes shopping online or in the shops in the small town-centre where I work. Being able to buy children's clothes are Argos helps matters a lot.

Lara has been reviewing some of her favourite items from the current range of Kidswear. Argos stock clothing for children that features some of their favourite characters such as Thomas & Friends, Cars, Hello Kitty and lots of Disney friends. And, much to Lara's delight, they stock Peppa Pig clothing. That's Lara won over then!

argos peppa pig clothes

Lara's sweatshirt and jogger set costs just £15.99 and comes in sizes for ages 2-5. It is a really nice thick tracksuit material perfect for keeping warm at this time of year and it is very durable too. There is a little Peppa label at the bottom of the trouser legs but I think the top is the star as Lara can wear it over the top of a t-shirt or alone.

long sleeved peppa pig t-shirt at argos

Lara's long-sleeved t-shirt is part of a two-pack which costs just £11.99. Lara lives in long-sleeved tops like this so it's great to be able to offer her a t-shirt with her favourite piggy friend on it. These days Lara likes to choose her own clothes and these two tops get chosen first - if they are in the wash then Lara goes searching for them!

I'm happy with the value for money of the Argos clothing range but it is the convenience for me that really wins me over.
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