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Sunday 26 February 2012

Cuddledry Change Mat Liner Review

cuddledry changing mat liner
Behold, another little piece of genius by innovative baby product company, Cuddledry. The Cuddledry change mat liner is JUST what I've been on the lookout for - I'm surprised more places don't offer such a thing.

When Lara was a baby I bought a changing mat with an integrated liner - I thought that it would keep her warm and comfy on the otherwise chilly plastic mat. The problems with the integrated liner were numerous and in the end, I more or less gave up using the liner. This time around I have bought a new changing mat with no integrated liner and had decided that baby would just have to live with a chilly back side... that was until the Cuddledry change mat liner came along. These are the reasons why I think it is a genius product:-

cuddledry change mat liner review

  • It is incredibly soft and so certainly achieves what I want from a change mat liner

  • I can buy more than one liner and at £8.99 it is reasonable to do this so that in the (regular) event that baby wees on the mat, you have a spare liner while the first one is in the wash. The problem with an integrated liner is that in order to get a spare one, you more or less have to buy a whole new changing mat

  • An integrated mat with liner usually has a velcro tab to hold the mat in place - this sounds lovely but in fact the velcro is really scratchy when the liner isn't on the mat (ie when it is in the wash) - no problem with this on the Cuddledry liner as it simply sits on top of the mat

  • The Cuddledry change mat liner is big. Much bigger than the equivalent on my old changing mat

  • If baby does wee while being changed then the liner can be quickly whipped away while the change is complete as it absorbs most of the mess

The Cuddledry super soft change mat liner is made with Cuddledry's signature soft bamboo and cotton fabric and I think baby will absolutely love it!
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