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Sunday 5 February 2012

Sunbuster Blackout Blinds Review

sunbuster blackout blind

The beauty of a Sunbuster Blind on a snowy day like today is not only that it helps my 2 year old to stay asleep despite the bright morning light but it also helps to insulate her bedroom from the chilly wintery weather.

These Sunbuster blackout blinds are very different to the roller-blind I currently have fitted in the nursery, and also totally different to the adjustable travel-blackout blind that I sometimes use in Lara's room (when I can be bothered to fight with those annoying suction cups). The fact that the Sunbuster blinds don't have suction cups immediately makes them more attractive to me - it took me seconds for me to fit the blinds to Lara's window by peeling off the backing from the sticky gel and applying them straight to the window (the instructions assure me they won't leave any sticky mess on the window). I'm also pleased that, unlike my roller blind, there are no dangerous cords dangling in Lara's room.

We chose the most simple design of Sunbuster blinds - plain white with a tiny pink label - but they do come with a small range of coloured tabs along the bottom. The blinds are made from a thick, fleece-lined fabric which creates the insulating effect and blocks out the light.

sunbuster blackout blinds

Sunbuster Blinds are tailor-made to your window. Admittedly this means they can only ever be used on one set of windows, but it does guarantee a very close fit to offer maximum blackout coverage. It was easy to measure the size I needed (the instructions on their website were very clear) and the blinds come right out to the edge of the windows. There are small velcro tabs at the bottom of each blind to hold them nice and close to the window to reduce any possibility of light coming through.

I should point out that in both my photos the blinds look a bit creased. While this is contributed to by the opening and closing each day, it is also a symptom of the fact I was really lazy and didn't bother ironing the blinds before putting them up (me and irons don't get on).

During the day, instead of pulling a cord, or un-sucking the blind, all you need to do is fold the blind upwards. The blind stays in place using a strip of strong magnets. The magnets are just about strong enough to hold the blind in place when double-folded (to allow in more light) but I found this tricky to get right.

The Sunbuster blackout blinds are of a really high quality and I've found them to be one of the very best products I've tried in Lara's room. I'm extremely happy with them and, when the time comes, I intend to put some in the baby's room too.

Our blackout blinds cost approximately £52 to be tailor made, including delivery.
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