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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Mary, Mary quite contrary do you shop on line?

Today, let me introduce you to a new website I've discovered called who have a special discount to offer for mums!

When time is precious and lots of us are running around doing multiple jobs there isn’t always the time to browse and shop as we would like, even window shopping becomes a thing of the past. With children to care for, school runs to do and many mums and women working from home lots of us turn to the internet to shop, which offers us a queue free shopping experience in comfortable surroundings.

Some of us are experienced internet shoppers, buying most of our purchases online, knowing the benefit of one click shopping and the excitement of waiting for the parcels to arrive. We buzz around the internet visiting favourite sites often getting carried away deeper and deeper into the unknown by clicking on links and finding a world of great shopping and wonderful websites. Others are more hesitant and have yet to take the plunge into the online retail world but would love to dip their toe and have a go.

Whatever your experience of the internet so far, at you will find a house wares company who are aiming to understand our customers needs, and offer top brands such as Simple Human and Brabantia with a complete shopping experience for the home, we understand that time is limited and often mums are up late working or getting up early to avoid the family rush in the morning, sometimes using this time to shop and browse the internet.

If that’s you, we would like to get to know you and offer you the chance of shopping for your house wares with us using a 10% discount code- mums10 to be used between 10pm-11.55pm when we think many of you are hard at work or having a quick trip around your favourite sites, so why not stop by and say hi.

We look forward to meeting you soon!
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