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Sunday 5 February 2012

Huddle & Bliss Labour & Birthing Shirt Review

huddle and bliss birthing and labour shirt
Just before Christmas I was looking for a maternity nightie - something that would accommodate my growing bump. It just so happened that I was asked to review the Labour and Birthing Shirt from Huddle and Bliss which I think makes a perfect maternity nightdress too.

My h&b birthing shirt is just about the single most comfortable item of clothing I have ever worn. I could quite happily live in it! It is a cool sleevless shirt made from a premium soft cotton with a series of press-studs which allow (relatively) easy opening for breastfeeding.

I loved the fact that the shirt has a big scooped shape at the front. It felt weird when I first tried it on during my first trimester but now as my bump grows, it all makes sense. The scoop means that even with a great big bulge, the hem will sit at a decent height at the front.

The shirt comes in two sizes - petitie for sizes 8/10 and regular for sizes 12 to 20. I would say that as a tall woman, the shirt is only just long/decent enough for me to want to wear it walking around a hospital maternity ward. I also find the neck, when fully buttoned to be a little restrictive.

Despite this, I really love this birthing shirt and I am thinking of buying a matching one in black. Even if I don't use them during labour, I'll be very comfy at night during my pregnancy!

At present H&B have an offer on - a pack of two birthing shirts costs just £42 (normally £29 each).
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