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Thursday 2 February 2012

Yay! Floppeze is reborn

Almost exactly two years ago I blogged about our friend, the Floppeze nursing pillow and this weekend we celebrated the rebirth of our good friend Floppeze thanks to a brand new cover from VUP baby.

floppeze nursing pillow

The VUP in their name stands for 'Very Useful Products' and I can state, without a single atom of doubt, that the Floppeze nursing pillow is a very useful product. Our Floppeze pillow became a central part of our family from the very first day that he arrived in our house. I used him at every feed, having found the cushion more comfortable and supportive than the doughnut-shaped breastfeeding pillow I had bought. We used our Floppeze pillow as an aid to Lara when she slept and to help her to learn to sit.

floppeze pillow

When we lifted out our Floppeze pillow from the loft in preparation for the new baby, it brought back loads of great memories. I was certain that this time I wanted to get a new cover for the cushion. You can buy the floppeze pillow covers from VUP baby (currently reduced to £10.67 in the sale). The covers come in several different colours and designs (from plain blue and pink to brightly coloured cartoon designs). When I first got the Floppeze I thought the cartoon design was a bit garish but I've grown to love it and wouldn't have wanted any other cover than the bright blue equivalent to breathe a new life into our cushion. It is going to be so handy to have two covers, not only to make the cushion feel like a new one, but also so that when we have the inevitable accident or dribble, we can put the cover through the wash without having to stop using the cushion in the meantime.

floppeze pillow as a sitting aid

The Floppeze nursing pillow cover is scrumptiously soft and is really very easy to put on and take off for washing. We love the little floppy ears and the tail! It helps to cheer a nursing aid up with a bit of fun!

And as a special treat for Mellow Mummy readers I have a discount code that you can use at VUP baby for the near future that will get you 15% off the price of any of your non-sale purchases. Just enter JM15 at the checkout. They also offer free delivery if you spend over £50. The Floppeze nursing pillow costs £29.99.

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