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Sunday 19 February 2012

Tiddley Pom Organic Massage Oil Review

tiddley pom massage oil
i have decided to get myself well-prepared for baby massage for when baby number two arrives. With Lara, I feel like I started too late and she had already made up her mind about what she did/did not like by the time I first tried baby massage on her. We regularly treat her skin with massage oil, but it never really turned out to be the relaxing, bonding experience that baby massage can be. For that reason I have lifted out my Tiddley Pom 'Baby Cuddles' CD that I first used some time ago and a bottle of Tiddley Pom organic massage oil that we were sent.

The Tiddley Pom massage oil is designed specifically for relaxing baby massage and is part of their 4-step relaxation routine (wash, massage, hydrate... bottom balm if you want a very simplified explanation of the process!). Here are a few of the reasons why I flipping LOVE this massage oil:-

  • Although it is officially unscented, one of the key ingredients is blackcurrant oil which gives it just a tiny bit of tang along with the naturally strong aroma of argan oil. It also contains coconut oil and kukui oil in the blend.
  • The bottle comes with a handy spray-dispenser so that you don't (as I have in the past) ruin an entire carpet by having to pour oil out onto your hand.
  • It is gentle enough to be suitable on both the body and face so you can use it for an all-over massage.
  • The blend of vegetable oils is chosen to offer natural vitamins including gamma linoleic acid, omega 6 and other fatty acids essential for healthy skin. I'm hoping this bodes well for baby number two's skin - here's hoping they don't suffer as much as Lara did.
  • Although the blend of oils doesn't absorb instantly (you wouldn't want it to for a massage), it doesn't leave the skin feeling icky for ages afterwards. It just adds a light shine to the skin and certainly doesn't leave Lara and myself smelling of chip-pans.

organic baby massage oil

I think that this Tiddley Pom massage oil, combined with a relaxing body wash and a mellow room scent is going to help make a great bedtime routine for the new baby.

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